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What you'll get:

  • How to find and fund your deals
  •  Buying and selling process
  •  Zero Dollar Marketing
  •  How to negotiate with sellers
  •  How to find and work with Contractors
  •  Renovation process from timeline, budget and progress 
  •  Access to analyzers, contracts and templates
  • How to build your team
  • Private Community Group

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This course was designed for new investors ready to leave their 9-5 and build wealth through real estate.

What People Are Saying:

I joined AutoPilot Flipping back in February and all I can say is this is such a great investment I made! Rubi is actually in the business.., killing it in her market fixing and flipping, She taught me so many things including exit strategies and how to really make offers in 2 minutes, This has now changed my perspective. She's very transparent and very honest! She will actually tell you if this is not for you. If you're really serious on leveling up your real estate game, being a big player within your market, I suggest that you do it so that you can become the best flipper. Rubi, thank you for this amazing opportunity and thank you for all your teachings.

Josue G.

Rubi is absolutely amazing to work with! I have had a limiting belief and lack of confidence in my ability to flip houses even though I have been in real estate investing for 4 years. Through her program, I have gained complete confidence in my ability and am actively looking for flips. This will increase the revenue in my business drastically. Rubi is a coach that is very accessible. She has a Q&A call weekly and if you need her in the meantime, she will schedule a call with you and answer your questions. She has helped me in so many ways and I would absolutely recommend her program. She is a great mentor and a great person, who focuses on what is important and that is evident in everything she does and how she works with her clients. Angie L.

Angie L

Rubi! Thank you! Thank you for the class that you created! It has profoundly impacted my life! We hired two individuals -- a project coordinator and an acquisitions coordinator and focused the past 5-6 months on getting them up to speed. It has been an absolute success, and so I wanted to share that this is making our lives easier and more enjoyable and helping our business to grow! Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to create, to share, and to build the education program that you have so far!


I have purchase multiple programs from reputable names and there isn’t a program like this that matches this level of information!